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-------------Welcome to my blog-------------
19/In a relationship/Cosmetologist.

Quiet when there's too much around, but I can get so loud when I know the whole damn crowd.

I'm Emilie, I'm obsessed with stripes and I love balloons and giraffes named Pemdas, [: I laugh at stupid things with my friends, and I don't regret any minute of it.
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Sunny, you were the best dog I have ever had. You have given my friends and family so much love and laughs throughout these eight years of our lives. You were the sweetest, loving, cutest dog I have ever met who had the biggest heart for not only us, but any type of food too. I know that now you’re gone you will be able to eat all the food you want and swim in every lake imaginable in doggy heaven. I wish more than anything I could be there to say goodbye one last time… Thanks for being such a big part of my family, and being my sunshine on even the most cloudy of days. I love you Sunny, RIP.